Bows and Bowler Hats.

Dress: H&M($20), Bowler Hat:Joana's(Unknown) , Oxfords: Candies (Kohl's - $10), Jewelry: Forever 21($3-$6)

This dress is just so adorable and it has pockets...kind of makes it perfect. The day A got this we were looking for a long dress which we didn't find, but obviously bought this instead. A squealed like a kid in a candy store when she saw it. Before we took these pictures, we tried this pizza place in Fremont for lunch - it wasn't good, so to make up for it we went for crepes! Totally made-up for it. After that, because it was still too sunny, we went to Nordstrom Rack but came back empty-handed...and that made us a little sad. Taking these pictures was interesting, we kept hearing things in the grass...I was totally creeped out. I felt like a snake was going to crawl up my legs anytime and we kept getting honked at...people really need to stop doing that. 



  1. adorable dress its fantastic! i love how there are tiny little bows on it :) your photos are beautiful too!


  2. I bought the same dress just a week back too! :D & I'm in love with it <3 I love LOVE your cupcake ring! :)


  3. love the bowler! haha S, I totally could tell it was you writing this before I saw your signature:)