Mint Perfection.

Jacket: Zara

Holy crap! Isn't this jacket minty-studded perfection?! I love Zara so much more now for bringing this jacket into my life. I always name the jackets that truly affect my sound (I know it sounds nuts, but I'm very passionate about my jackets).  I'm thinking of naming this jacket after Hannah, the lead singer of Grouplove. Her personality and energy really go well with this jacket. So everyone, I'd like you to meet Hannah. =)


I'd just like to say that I don't approve of the name Hannah for this jacket. It reminds of the bad times in season six of the show Bones. That's all. I was thinking maybe this one could be Michael after Geographer's lead singer. Serena (A's leather jacket) and Michael sound better together than Hannah and Serena. Doesn't have the same ring, just saying. ;-) Unfortunately, A has the last say. :-(


1 comment:

  1. love the color of the jacket

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