BFD 2012.

This past weekend, I went to BFD again. Honestly guys, BFD is spectacular because you pay like 40 dollars and get to see an abundance of bands. Most other festivals make you save the whole year to go and you barely get to see everyone on the lineup. At BFD I always get to see everyone I want to see. Last year I got to see some of the finest bands and this year was no exception. I saw several bands, but I'm only going to talk about the ones that really made an impact on me. I already mentioned in my last post about seeing Geographer. They were the first band I saw and as I've said before and will say again, they were "mind-blowingly" marvelous. I always love when a band uses a groovy (yeah I just used that word) instrument. In Geographer's case, they use the cello.  Geographer had a very laid back and relaxed feel. After Geographer, I saw Grouplove which had the completely opposite effect.

I had heard a few of Grouplove's songs beforehand and liked them. I didn't love them like I did Geographer. However, after their amazing performance I changed my mind. The presence this band has is incredible. The minute they stepped on stage I was screaming my head off. The whole entire band was jumping, dancing, and anything else to convey the joy they were feeling while performing. I felt the love they have for their music, which I don't see that often from people. Hannah Hooper is one of the lead singers and my new girl crush. This woman is crazy cool. I've never seen anyone dance as hard as she did and have a smile on the whole time. Her dancing made me dance and I wondered if I could ever be as cool as her? Also to add the cherry on top she has amazing style. She wore a white lace dress and spiked boots. Now if that doesn't equal awesome, I don't know what the hell does.

The Naked and Famous were on the main stage and we had lawn seats so it really affected my ability to fully enjoy them. I couldn't get that amazing feeling you get from being a few feet away from the band. The lead singer's, Alisa, vocals are bananas. They sound exactly the same live as online. I'm not writing much, but seriously I was so far away I couldn't get much else besides the fact that they are awesome and Alisa is super cute. I have a new goal of seeing the Naked and Famous in a smaller venue, so I can fully enjoy their phenomenal music.
Can't wait for BFD next year!!


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