Hannah and the Leopard.

I love how this picture came out, such a cliched pose of 'I'm fabulous.' Except not posed at all, taken while A was trying to get her hair out of her face - it was really windy. And when A reads this sentence, she'll get all flustered, it's the most hilarious thing to watch! Sometimes J and I compliment her on purpose just to watch her reaction.
Jacket (Hannah): Zara, Top: Zara, Skirt: Vintage (Black & Brown), Shoes: Asos, Socks: Target, 
Earrings: Vintage (Black & Brown), Rings: Forever 21

I just realized a few days ago that we don't always write under each post and we never really explained it, in fact we don't explain a lot of things....like how there's a been a forth person as part of the blog for a while...which we just mentioned only like two three posts ago. Call us mysterious. A lot of that has to do with being busy, sometimes inconvenience or lack of inspiration, but mostly it's because we're lazy. But, sometimes it's just so damn hard to write even a sentence - for example, the amount of updates on our twitter accounts - doesn't happen as often as we like. But really, the sparse posting schedule is only and only because of a busy schedule. We can only get together on the weekends and take pictures of our latest/most worn outfits.

You're already been acquainted with the jacket, controversially known as Hannah. When A first purchased it, it was solely based on the studded-minty perfection. She thought it might be too hot to actually wear right now and she would only wear it when she moved to San Francisco. ...but of course never trust the weather in California. It got cold a few days later and well she pretty much wore it this whole weekend...keeps you perfectly comfortable in 60-70 degree weather. The shirt is awesome because ALL THE STUDS! Also, it's cotton and super soft, really what else do you need. Lastly, A's dream of wearing socks with heels finally came true when one day we went to Target and saw those socks and well you can see all the cacophony of color and pattern that occurs, which is a constant theme in our outfits. 

On an end note, we're planning to update our profile soon so you actually know what the hells going on. Let's see when it actually happens. 



  1. awesome mix!
    i love ur jacket :)

  2. Lovely jacket ! You are really rocking the print mix ! Do u wanna connect up with each other !Let me know !
    Keep Smiling:D