Hello guys! So yesterday was one of the most wonderful days of my short life. I got to meet one of my favorite band's lead singer, Michael Deni of Geographer at BFD. I've been a huge fan of this incredibly talented band for over a year now. However, it was Micheal Deni's voice that got me hooked. His voice is indelible, brilliant, and insert any other adjective that means fucking awesome. When I heard Michael Deni live I got chills up and down my body, his voice pierces your soul. I know that was a cheesy thing to say, but it's the truth. I was surrounded by people at BFD and I felt I  really enjoyed the experience that is Michael Deni's voice, it needed to be only me and his voice, so I closed my eyes and instantaneously I was sent to a universe filled with unicorns and rainbows where only marvelous things can happen. In the photo above you see a composed normal looking girl, however that wasn't really the case.

I saw Michal Deni walking through the crowd as me and my friends were headed out to rest, and as soon as I saw him I pounced on him (not literally). I just started saying everything that came to mind like how much I love him, his music, and other things I can't really remember and then shamelessly asked for a hug. Micheal Deni was so sweet and kind and gave me a hug which I really didn't want to end I was seriously contemplating staying like that for the rest of my life.... just kidding.. not really. Unfortunately, I let go and asked for a picture to remember the magical moment. I know I sound like a stalker, but it's just really intense love. On a side note, it's funny how things work. I mean, if my friends didn't want to leave that second we would've never bumped into Michael. You've got to love fate sometimes.

I saw many other bands at BFD which I will talk about later, but I had to dedicate this post to this amazing man with the world's most perfect beard. If you haven't checked out Geographer yet, I would do that right now. Here is their band page.


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