While J was struggling at home with a sinus :(, A and S were at the mall returning a pair of shoes. We took our camera with us, just in case and we took some pictures for your viewing pleasure. There were so many great things we could've bought, but only if we had the moolah! We weren't supposed to take too long, but we kept getting distracted by all the things and A decided we have some kind of disorder...S named it Distracted by Pretty Shiny Things Disorder. Here are all the agents of that disorder.
While we were walking from Macy's to Nordstrom, we saw a long line at M.A.C. and these posters of Wonder Woman. Apparently, they had a new collection out and they were putting make-up on and if you liked the collection, they made reservations for you on Valentine's Day to get your make-up done. Sounded pretty cool, but the line was too long for us go through with it.


  1. Wow those rings are awesome, especially the vulture. Vulture, right? :) Looks like you guys had fun shopping.

    cheers! -julie

  2. ha! i just went to westfield on sunday and was totally distracted as well when i entered nordstrom! i saw the juicy rings and just had to stop! i love that koala bear! {is that how you spell it???} awesome! hope you feel better!

    love from,


  3. i love your blog and im following you baby!

    a lot of kisses from poland!