Green and Gorgeous

I (J) spent the last entire week in Davis, CA due to some family obligations.  It was quite a different week from my ordinary days of schedule-less living.  I was sleeping early every night, waking up early, and spent even more time with my dearest MacBook than I usually do (didn't know that was possible!).  However, one of the best things about that place was that it was always foggy and gorgeous!  They have a greenbelt area that is spectacular and all I wanted to do was take pictures there...hopefully we can all go and do some photoshoots there soon :-)  Here are some pictures that I took when I went on a walk with my lil' cousin.  I tried to take a picture of myself but it's out of focus, I'll still be posting it because I'm wearing my new most favorite scarf in that picture.  It was actually my cousin's scarf, but since I loved it so much she decided to give it to me.


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