Do what you will.

Hey guys, so this outfit post is going to be very casual. This was mostly for comfort and to keep warm from the cold front that is currently invading Nor-Cal. I was going to wear jeans but I have these magical tights from Target that are a lot warmer than any pair of jeans I own. As you can tell in the photos I look very depressed. That's mainly because the weather-person said there was a very high chance that we were going to be experiencing SNOW! 

I was so excited; I've been waiting for it to snow for years now... hoping every winter that global-warming would screw-up our weather and rain white-fluff. Alas, this is not what happened. Instead, it rained for a while and than it was just really cold =(. It's 39 degrees right now, so the only thing I can do is watch Criminal Minds because I know if I step outside I will freeze. By the way, who else watches Criminal Minds? It's my new favorite obsession! 


Hat:Target($20), Coat:Gap($40), Shirt: Marshall's($8), Shorts: Forever 21($20), Tights: Target($5), Oxfords: Kohls($5), Jewelry: Forever 21($5-10)


  1. Really!! your blog is really really good i discver bettwen and other blog and i love them!!!

    kisis an i following you from http://www.aboutmyfashionlife.blogspot.com/

  2. snow! eek, just when we all begin to look towards spring!

    you girls have the cutest style, I adore that this outfit has peacocks AND owls!!

  3. Hey A,

    I love this outfit, very well put together! I dont watch criminal minds but I do watch Fairly Legal :)

    Following you from BlogAdda, blogging from www.desibridemagazine.com :) Saniya

  4. Hey A,

    Love this look, very nice! :) The peacock necklace really pulls it all together well!

    I dont watch Criminal Minds, but I do watch Fairly Legal which is a pretty funny show, and Sarah Shahi's outfits are so cute on there!

    Found you on BlogAdda, blogging from desibridemagazine.com. Keep up the great stuff ~Saniya

  5. Hi there,
    A lovely attempt and to start so young. A killer attempt!!

    Best of luck to your girls...you are doing a fantastic job.