Bonjour tout le monde! Today was a very interesting day for us. We were prepared to do two photo shoots today, so we headed on over to our new favorite park. We got there only to get kicked out by the park ranger, telling us it was sunset and the park was closed. It was only 5, but it was a rainy day so the sun was never out! 

We were really disappointed and had to resort going to another-not-as-awesome park. We got there and in our 5-minute drive it had gotten pretty dark. We started to take pictures, but than noticed they weren't coming out nice because we needed the sunlight for the outfits. The three of us than huddled side by side with our umbrellas to discuss what we should post instead. We tried to think of something, but than wandered off-subject and started talking about an Indian show we like to watch Koffee with Karan and discussing the people that came on the show and the clothes and how lame Karan Johar is, but how we're secretly jealous of him. After 10 minutes of irrelevant topics we came up with writing about our day today. Tomorrow is another day!

-A, S, J

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