The Pixie and The Wannabe

The Pixie emerges.
She frolics around in the midst of a street full of cars, unaware of the adversity that awaits her.
The Wannabe discreetly approaches the Pixie.
The Pixie, still unaware of The Wannabe's intentions, danced around and waved her magic wand as an antidote to ease everyone's pain.
How long could the kind-hearted Pixie be safe?  She was being kidnapped by The Wannabe, who wanted her magical powers.
The Wannabe sprinkled gold dust all over the Pixie and intoxicated her.
She threw her in a car's trunk.
Poor Pixie was squished in the trunk and left alone in the dungeon where she couldn't be seen or heard by anyone.
She wakes up in a haze and tries to open her eyes.  She gets flashes of what happened to her earlier...the gold dust...the person...intoxication...but now she had regained her senses.  
After realizing the gold dust intoxication had worn off, the Pixie makes a great escape from the dungeon and goes on to do what she does best...spread the magic!

Dress: Rodarte for Target($40), Boots: Steve Madden($99), Tights: Target($8), Necklace(Belt): Forever 21($10), Lace Gloves: Forever 21($9)


  1. that one pic looks like you are flying out of the trunk

  2. corr, I can't believe that dress was only $40, wish I was in AMERICA right now! lush outfit x