R.I.P, Purple Glove.

I (A) would like to dedicate a post to my beautiful purple glove. As you know we were in San Francisco  for the Lanvin collection and while there, I lost one of my gloves. I am deeply saddened by my loss. I love these gloves so much, it's so hard to wear just one...feels incomplete. They are the prettiest shade of purple. No other glove can compare. I honestly do not know if I can find these gloves because the day I got them at Banana Republic, there were only a few left.  But that's not the main point. This post is about me thanking the glove for the warmth and the sense of fashion it provided.

While I still mourn the loss of this glove, I should also think of all the good things that happened. It involves macarons, you know who's to blame, Blair from Gossip Girl!


  1. great post, lovely photos! thanks for sharing. a cool blog you have here!


  2. Are those any good? I've always wanted to try some! Love the blog btw ;)

  3. You definitely should! It really depended on the flavor we loved rose and violet the most. Thanks Casio! That's so sweet of you to say!