Forever a Steve Madden Girl.

Hey guys! Sorry for going MIA. We have been really busy with school(A) and work(S&J). I know school and work, how lame! But we did have a semi-free day today and had the chance to take new pictures, so we will post those up as soon as possible! So be on the look out, because you seriously do not want to miss this shoot. It was pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves. ;)

I (A) got a new skirt today at Banana Republic! If you've noticed, we kind of love Banana Republic almost as much as we love Steve Madden. Oh Steve, you know how to make a girl happy. Wow, I just drifted off daydreaming about his 'Intyce' Boot. 

Aren't they beautiful!?


  1. Great boots! I've had my eye on those for awhile!


  2. Thanks for the comment Ashley! Checked out your blog, it's amazing...love your pictures and love all the different aspects you cover! And totally get the 'apartment envy' from that Vogue feature...it's beautiful!

  3. Those boots are gorgeous! I've actually been on the search for the perfect pair of knee high brown boots! For some reason boots are always slightly big around my calves so they look so droopy and odd. :( I wish Steve Madden would have more boot sales!

  4. I love the boots. I just bought a pair similar to the Madden boots- but not nearly as cute from Nordstrom. Oh, so jealous now.
    P.s. I love BR too! I use to work there. So Banana Republic holds a special place in my heart.


  5. Love these! I bought the blk suede ones 3 years ago. Love the slight wedge and little buckle at the top- SO cute!!