Hunting for a camera.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update... we're looking for a better camera, a DSLR, and we're trying to hold off on posting new looks, hence the lack of new posts. We should have it by the end of the week. We've been doing research for a while, but we would really appreciate some input from you guys as well. Majority of the blogs have amazing pictures that you can tell are from a quality camera. We couldn't afford one earlier, but we decided to combine our resources and just go for it because we feel it's a great investment. Opinions? Thoughts?

A, S, J!


  1. I'm looking into a DSLR also. Let me know what you decide on :)

  2. Thanks Lee! Once we get the camera this week we will definitely do a post about it.

  3. I use a canon 5d mark ii alot its such a good camera its quite a bit expense but if you can afford it its soooo worth it! Also that is what the sartorialist uses when i was researching him! x

  4. Awesome! DSLRs are such a great investment, truly! I just very recently purchased one myself. I just got my hands on the nikon D5000 and it's amazing! I love it to bits! It's perfect for beginners, it's been described as a D90 but cheaper. You guys should check it out!

    P.S. Nice to see fellow bay area bloggers :)


  5. Kevin- Thanks for the feedback! We will definitely research the canon 5d and see if its our price range.
    Anisa- Thanks! It's so nice to get feedback. We will definitely check out the nikon D5000. Your from the bay area also?! How awesome!

  6. I'm in the process of getting a Nikon D3100 for myself. I think quality photos make such a difference. The money will be well spent.

    Maryjane xoxo

  7. We totally agree about what a huge difference quality photographs can make. We saw on your blog that you got the camera, congratulations!! As you can tell from our new post, we did too.