Star View.

Shirt: Asos, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Asos, Bangle: Forever 21

Hey guys!! It's me S...blogging from guess where...MUMBAI!! That's right Mumbai! Although these pictures were taken by me in Tracy, like two months ago...or more. Finally got a chance to post them. Just been really busy with you know moving to another county, that's all, as well as a wedding in Delhi before that. 

J and I have moved to a place in Khar West, which is right next to Bandra, we're literally a five-minute walk away from Carter Road and Olive, that really famous restaurant that we haven't gotten a chance to go to yet! There are lot of good things about being in this place, but the past week or so, we've really gotten homesick...let's hope we find the work we want to do ASAP, so we're busy doing what we love. We know it's barely been a month since we moved here, but we already want to be busy working...although exploring the city has it's perks...beach front and amazing-shopping anyone?! Will try to update soon! 


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