NYFW Street Style and Champagne.

Source: Tommy Ton

Fashion Week is here and of course I'm depressed that I can't be there and see the amazing shows. Besides the shows, my favorite thing is to see is all the street style. Hope you enjoy the pictures of all the, lucky, well dressed people.


Last night, J and I were supposed to meet up and be "productive." But, really, we just needed to meet up and vent about our miserable lives, the causes come in multitudes, one of them being not be able to go to NYFW during Fall. Right when we saw each other we were thinking the same thing - we needed champagne. We hadn't had it in almost a year and apparently it was time. So at 1:30, half an hour before they stop selling you alcohol in the good ol' state of California, we went to the local supermarket and got ourselves a decent bottle in our budget and the September issue of Vogue and made ourselves feel better by being fancy. Also, a family friend of J's had just come back from Paris and brought some chocolate, making the evening so fancy that we forgot about derailed plans and goals not achieved for a while...coupled with good conversation and some silliness, it was a perfect night. 


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