Confessions of a shoeaholic.

         It's finally Septemeber! This means Fall is right around the corner! I'm sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but school just started and I've been preoccupied with that. Anyway, I saw these gorgeous nude sandals at Zara and I couldn't help myself. I mean really look at them?! They are so divine. They are the perfect staple heel for Fall. I love how I justify my purchases. The reasons are usually so irrational... this one actually made a little sense, a little.


So, while school's happening for A, J and I are basking in the misery that is life - where nothing seems to go right and things planned keeping getting postponed and we are uninspired and almost to the point of hopelessness. So yeah, so cheery. Le sigh.



  1. Did you get them at a store or online? I tried to get a pair online and they sold out in hours :(
    The closest store for me is the Las Vegas one; I live in Utah.

  2. I bought them online, and yes they did sell out very quickly. Oh wow that is crazy far! Maybe they'll restock them or have a similarly designed shoe up.