Oh Fall I can't wait for you.

Fall outfit

Who here is as excited about Fall as I am?! I can't wait for sweaters! They are my absolute favorite clothing item. They are like a warm blanket that's acceptable to wear outside. I've begun dreaming about my outfits and decided a collage would be a good outlet.

If I'm wearing a sweater, the outfit usually revolves around it, and this sweater is so cute, so the outfit had to be too. The sweater is from Miu Miu so it's quite expensive, but I know I can find an alternative, and since I've become a D.I.Y expert (she said laughingly) I think I can just re-create the collar. The skirt is also Miu Miu... wow, I think I've developed an obsession. Anyway, the skirt goes so well with the sweater it seems like they belong together. The Asos cat clutch adds some quirkiness, which is always nice. The brogues are the icing on the cute cake.

Thankfully the weather in S.F is perfect sweater-weather unlike Tracy, which is 100 degrees today.


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