Instagram Love.

Here is another weekly installment of my instagram photos. I know we really need to do a outfit post. I promise to do it soon! My summer classes are almost done! =)

1. My Zara lion tank. This is one of the softest tanks I own. 
2. New Zara wedges S just bought. 
3. Aren't these the cutest sandals?!
4. The perfect t-shirts to beat the hot summer sun. 
5. Insanely good Nutella crepe I had at Squat & Gobble.
6. Almost good Strawberry Blintz w/ Ricotta crepe S had. It wasn't as good as the first time she had it, maybe it has to do with the different locations - S wants to go back with J and try it again at the Haight-Ashbury one, where they had it the first time.  
7. I have become obsessed with taking photos of my coffee. 

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