Them boots.

Sweater: Michael Kors (Macy's), Bag: Vintage, Gold cuff and Giraffe bracelet: Forever 21, Vintage cuff with stone: Black & Brown, Ring: Jewel Mint, Boots: Halogen (Nordstrom)

I wish the title could say it all because I'm so sleepy, but I should totally mention that the bag is vintage, it belonged to J's mom and she's been using it for months now...it has so many compartments, the color is amazing and you can pretty much wear it everyday, all day. We take it to all our photo-shoots because it has room for things like safety-pins and tape. Utterly fantastic. J had been looking for sweaters to add to her sweater-lacking Fall/Winter closet and this Michael Kors one, which she snagged for only $30 by the way from Macy's, is just what she needed. So soft, comfortable and that color.... 

I am about to doze off with my laptop still in my lap...giraffe bracelet, from Forever 21, is so adorable and I'm totally going to borrow it soon. I don't know if we ever talked about the vintage store Black and Brown, which is in San Jose...it's a great place and we've found some really great pieces there - that cool cuff with the triangle 'stone' is from there...I totally wanna call it rad. That is not a word I use in my vocabulary...this is what happens when I'm sleepy. On an endnote, let me repeat the title. Them boots. Yeah. Possibly the most beautiful brown boots on this planet. I went there.

Oh and if you think she's holding something in her hands, that's a candy cane, cause it's almost Christmas!! All three of us were eating them when we took these pictures and a bunch more, which you will see in the coming days. 

Night folks.


  1. Love the color of those boots! And the jewelry are awesome!!! <3

  2. I love love LOVE the triangle bangle!! You guys are so stylish:) miss you!
    - Sheena

  3. i love ur bracelets, all 3!
    kisses from Spain,