Love in a Park.

Photographer: Rummy Makmur, Makeup/Hair: Inna Matthews, Model: Morgan O'Marro, Styling: S/J (www.ruakstyling.com)

These are the pictures from the last photo-shoot J and I styled. We love the looks we did for this shoot, everything was so easy, cozy and comfortable - we wanted to keep the clothes for ourselves! We had already worked with the photographer for this shoot. He's so good and we love his style, he keeps it simple and knows what he wants. We did this shoot in Scotts Valley, in a park, it was so beautiful as was the drive to the location. There were little boys playing nearby and they kept throwing the ball towards us so they could take a look at the model - it was hilarious! As you can see the model, Morgan, is amazing...she's so talented and she just got hired by Hollister Co. - so proud of her. Really the whole team was fantastic because I don't even have words to describe the awesomeness of the MUA, who did the hair as well, she was so good! Her approach to makeup is amazing and she's so passionate about it. We love our work and all the great people we get to meet - really hope we start making money after a few of these are in the portfolio.



  1. What an amazing shoot! The whole winter afternoon feel has come out really nicely....... :)

  2. Love this!


  3. Love Love....the outfits look so comfortable yet stylish! It's like she walked out of JCrew. You have to find me clothes like this!